Doubts About FBI Intentions

Chances are, if your new friend shares your political views and you realize that you both hate America — you probably don’t, but for argument’s sake let’s say you do — you would never expect the guy to be an FBI agent.

So, the two of you start talking about the U.S. destroying the Middle East, all the civilian casualties, the obscenities of U.S. military arrogance and how now is the time for Jihad. The conversation turns even more serious. Plots begin to develop. Strategies are hypothesized. Weaponry logistics are considered.

Before you realize how this guy has been baiting you all along and how easily he made contact with weapons dealers, you’re in a Wal-Mart parking lot buying fake grenades out of a van. Of course he wasn’t an FBI agent, he was just on their payroll.

Although extremely abbreviated, the preceding story is entirely true. It took place in Rockford, IL in Dec. of 2006. Derrick Shareef, 22 at the time, worked a dead-end job at a video game store. He had less than $100 in the bank, no car and no place to live. Jameel, a fellow Muslim, came into the store one day and offered him shelter.

Together they fantasized for hours about possible targets in Rockford until they settled on CherryVale Mall, a ramshackle collection of clothing and jewelry stores. Through long, tentative discussions they planned to throw grenades throughout CherryVale Mall and kill themselves afterward.

The facts clearly indicate that Shareef wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did in this terror plot if it wasn’t for the encouragement of Jameel, who was assisting the FBI and the JTTF — Joint Terrorism Task Force. In fact, it seems unlikely that he would have ever taken his political beliefs to a violent level without a personal instigator like Jameel.

Jameel, with instructions from the JTTF, convinced a hapless video store clerk to become a monstrous suicide bomber. Jameel’s real name is William Chrisman, a former crack dealer with a conviction for attempted robbery. The JTTF paid him $8,500 to set up Shareef specifically. Federal agents pressured Chrisman to encourage Shareef’s fantasies, with the intent to ensure Shareef incriminated himself.

As soon as the JTTF arrested Shareef, the mainstream media barked this story across all the airways. Fox News eloquently reported, “It had all the makings of a holiday bloodbath.”

Of course, the story the mainstream news networks covered was slightly different than what I’ve told here. They reported that terror had been averted and that Americans should rest assured; the ever-watchful JTTF had done their job and will continue to do so.

But what kind of job was it? Was it a self-fulfilling and self-serving fictional plot created to champion the JTTF while keeping the public fearful of an illusive yet imminent threat? And why hasn’t the mainstream media investigated this possibility?

The latest thwarted domestic terror plot occurred Friday, Nov. 26 in Portland, OR. Mohamed Osman Mohamud allegedly attempted to detonate a bomb near a crowded Christmas tree lighting ceremony. The only information about this incident comes from an FBI affidavit.

According to the affidavit, the FBI undercover agent in contact with Mohamud encouraged and supported the plot financially, yet allegedly advised Mohamud that there were other options to serve Islam. The assertion that other options were offered, if proven, will prevent Mohamud from arguing a case for entrapment. However, out of all the recorded conversations between the undercover agent and Mohamud, that conversation alone was not recorded due to technical problems. Weird.

It appears that the FBI and JTTF are manipulating potential terrorists into becoming full blown, convicted terrorists in order to keep the public fearful and boast their own exaggerated success.

How does it make you feel, to think about the possibility of a government agency funded by your tax dollars performing coercive activities designed to illicit fear in the public mind?

There are several more cases of exaggerated domestic terrorist threats attached to suspicions of entrapment. Unfortunately, the mainstream media is too embedded with corporate interests to ask questions about these incidents.

Of course, there is an expectation of secrecy for certain government agencies like the FBI and the CIA, But this privilege is all too often abused.

I think of COINTELPRO, Fred Hampton’s assassination, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Iran-Contra scandal and a long list of foreign interventions.

Wherever there are secrets, there are lies. For an organization whose nature is explicitly secretive, how will we ever know if it is trustworthy?


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