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Psychics and crazy people

I have often wondered if some psychics are really just crazy people who do a good job of convincing others that they are not crazy. I mean, how do we know if they are talking to spirits or really just hallucinating?Image


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Psychic Potential

Most scientists are quick to deny that humans are capable of psychic powers. There simply is no significant evidence to indicate that psychic abilities are real.

Yet, according to a 2005 Gallop Poll, three out of four Americans believe in paranormal activity such as extrasensory perception (ESP), ghosts, telepathy, clairvoyance and astrology.

Personally, I don’t put too much stock in my horoscope, but I am open-minded to the possibilities of the paranormal. I think science can explain a lot, but it can’t explain everything – at least not yet. Science is constantly playing catch-up to the puzzling mysteries of the expanding universe.

Scientists once believed that the sun revolved around the Earth. This was accepted as common knowledge and anyone suggesting otherwise was considered crazy or persecuted as a heretic. It took considerable time, study and argumentation before this geocentric fallacy could be disproved.

Nearly everything can be explained through science. It’s just that some things take longer to figure out. The nature of consciousness and psychic abilities are two such enigmatic realms of thought.

I recently attended a lecture and received a free ten-minute psychic reading by a soft-spoken, self-proclaimed clairvoyant gentleman.

He began his lecture by discussing archetypes, which are models or specific forms of human behavior. According to Jungian psychology, archetypes are primitive mental images inherited from the earliest human ancestors.

Some examples are the one who is about to drown and is saved. Or the one who only plays games they know they can win.

There are numerous archetypes and they are typically metaphorical, but can be as literal as the one who loves to eat. According to the clairvoyant’s lecture, everyone operates based on a combination of archetypes.

Archetypes inherently exist in the sub-conscious, where mental phenomena propel people to act without their knowledge.

By becoming aware of the unconscious archetypes that play an active role in one’s behavior, personal growth is made more possible, the clairvoyant reasoned.

With total confidence the clairvoyant went on to discuss his ability to see charkas, which are centers of spiritual energy located in the body. Chakras are a part of Hindu belief, but psychics often incorporate them into their practices.

There are believed to be seven chakras; six are vertically aligned along the spinal cord and the seventh is located above the crown of the head.

In ascending order, the chakras correspond to an individual’s relationship to the Earth, sex drive, emotions/intuition, ability to love, communication, psychic ability and connection to god.

Depending on the person, some chakras are more open than others. According to the clairvoyant, these centers of energy, along with archetypal sources, influence a person’s mental state.

After meditating consistently throughout his life, the clairvoyant decided to teach a meditation workshop. While meditating in a group he realized he was able to receive information about those meditating around him. He was hesitant to ask those in the group if his perceptions were correct, but he eventually confirmed that he did have psychic abilities.

Since then he has been improving his extrasensory perception skills. Allegedly, he can see which chakras are open in an individual and understand the energy sources at work within the chakras. By understanding a person’s chakras he is able to see what archetypes are operating within their consciousness. He claimed to have helped many people through his perceptions.

There was really no way to prove or disprove any of this. But I was curious to see what would happen in my ten-minute psychic reading.

I sat down in a private room. The clairvoyant sat across from me with remarkable concentration. After about a minute of focused meditation he proceeded to tell me surprisingly accurate information about myself. He explained personal conflicts I was having and detailed personality traits of mine.

I know there are several scamming psychics who make vague observations out there. When it comes to ESP, credibility is hard to judge before making the financial investment in receiving a reading.

Despite all the horrible stories I’ve heard about phony psychics, this clairvoyant actually seemed genuine and compassionate.

Of course, it’s difficult to determine the difference between how much I wanted to believe the self-proclaimed clairvoyant had psychic abilities and his ability to theatrically perform. Regardless, I was impressed by my experience.

Belief in psychic powers date back to ancient times. Astrological fortune-telling, Greek mythology, tribal shamen, Alexander the Great, Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and even United States presidents have contributed in some way to the tapestry of psychic history.

Science has come a long way and has explained many previously unexplainable phenomena. But there will always be the realm of the unknown, the realm of possibility.

There is no scientific evidence of God, Allah, Vishnu, Yahweh, Jah or whatever you want to call it. Believing in God or an afterlife is suspending the constructs of definitive reality.

For whatever reason, people believe in things they cannot prove. Perhaps this is a result of a need for life meaning or perhaps such beliefs are based on experiences of higher consciousness. Either way, there is room for skepticism.

Science has given us instruments by which we can measure things our senses cannot consistently and accurately account. Yet we must rely on our senses to interpret the information such instruments gather.

For such a mysterious, constantly expanding universe, science is such a finite practice. Perhaps science has such a difficult time defining the obscurities of consciousness because consciousness, like the universe, is limitless.

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